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'LIEGE 2018 Golden Dog Trophy'
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nieuws - 21/07/2018
LIEGE 2018 Golden Dog Trophy  -  België

honden fokkers en hond foto's door Karl Donvil
GOLDEN DOG TROPHY Liège 2018 There was a dropdown in entries for this show too. Last year there were 3341 entries, this year 2607. For a double show this is not much, 1324 entries for the Saturday Show and 1283 for the Sunday edition. One of the reasons was probably the World Dog Show of Amsterdam 3 weekends away and last year this show was a Crufts qualifier and not this year. In many breeds there were only a few dogs entered and a CACIB title was easily won even twice, one at each show. I predict that double shows will not only affect the single shows, but the double shows as well. Most people don't spend their money any longer once they have the titles they need. Why enter next year if you already won the previous year. I have compared the number of entries of the last years of this show. In 2013 1945 dogs were entered, 2035 in 2014, 1879 in 2015, 2275 in 2016, last year, the first double edition, 1721 and 1620, this year 1324 and 1283. But the last two years these numbers are confusing as you have to see them as individual shows and then you see a decrease in entries. Of course budgetary it is still better for the club, but will there be an increasing or a decreasing evolution in the future? In my opinion the downward way will go on, and the question is who will still be interested? Will we see topdogs compared in the rings? Will the judges be able to compare and see what good dogs are compared to lesser examples. If we have a look at the very big events like Crufts, the European Shows and the World Shows. Here we see every year an increase or at least big entries. This is a proof that it matters to exhibitors to win at big shows or even become lined up lower, as long as there is competition. If we look for more success, we need to create stronger competition. Then the smaller shows will function again as a start of a career and a step up to grander victories.

The Golden Dog Trophy has always been the pearl of Wallonia, the best organized and most colorful show. There is much to see and much to do and there are a lot of competitions like the Golden Lead for the handling competition, the Golden Groomer , a very famous international grooming competition, the Masters Trophy, a champion-of-champions style competition along with a gala dinner, and the "Dogs in art" exposition in the Foyer. They have a good catalog with all information that you need, including good statistics. The podium is excellent and the main ring is big. This year I saw no clowns to entertain the children any more. The Syndicat d'Elevage Canin de Liège is honoring its breeders amongst their members with a free mention in the catalog and it is rather impressive how many they have. It would be good idea to print them separate and give them free to the visitors, as not all visitors buy a catalog. But of course that is as far as the budget of the organization allows. The hot weather that lasted already for a month did not cause any problems and inside the halls it was warm but tolerable for dog and handler. Some came from countries where it was even a lot warmer. Notwithstanding the relatively low number of entries, there were 24 nationalities present. It is interesting to compare both days and discover that dogs coming from faraway countries are the same on both days. Their owners probably entered on both days in the hope to win twice and take the titles. The neighboring countries show a lot more flow but also here I suppose the majority have entered for both shows. Anyway Liège keeps it's status of being one of the most international shows in Belgium and that has probably to do with two things, the holiday season and the position close to the highway to the south of Europe and vice versa. That brings lots of people from different countries who combine the show with their vacation.

Most judges were foreign, of the 24 only 5 were Belgian judges. and not more than 4 were invited for one day only. The dogs/judging day rate was very good with a score of 60,63, a proof of an interesting panel, well chosen and diversified. A closer look at the judge statistics learns me it was a good average with no excesses. The second highest score on Saturday was for Mrs.Anna Babaeva from Russia thanks to the popular French Bulldogs of which 32 were present. The highest score was for Mr.Rosario Jari Spagna from Italy who judged several Sighthound breeds, Dobermanns and Newfoundlanders. On Sunday the second highest score was for Mr.Robert Kotlar from Hungary who also had the highest weekend score with 158 dogs. The highest score on Sunday was for Mrs.Tijana Konrad from Serbia who had 99 entries , all company dogs including the Poodles. Along with her 55 entries for Saturday she was also the second most popular judge of the weekend. There were very few breeds with high numbers and just to show you how a double show affects the number of entries, there were only 6 American Staffordshire terriers and 6 Staffordshire Bull terriers entered on Saturday, not one dog in Champion class! The popularity of these breeds decreased somewhat compared to a couple of years ago but in 2015 they still had 30 and 18 respectively. On Sunday there were only 4 Bouviers. Of course it does not affect all the breeds and some still have a good entry but there are breeds that have only a few entries on single shows and as that number decreases respectively it means that there are only one of two dogs in competition. In fact the whole CACIB system is wrong and unfair to certain breeds. What about breeds that have hardly any competition. They are champion in 3 shows while Labradors and Goldens have to beat 20, 30 sometimes 80 competitors and this 3 times under different judges, that many times more difficult, and a Champion there is probably earned truly ! How unfair is this for the popular breeds. There should be a minimum of dogs entered before a CACIB is granted. On shows where there is not enough competition in a breed the title can be called different like for example "bonus CACIB" and you should have a minimum of 3 like that before it can be turned into an CACIB. That way it would be equally difficult for an unpopular breed as for a popular breed. And that way exhibitors will be forced to enter more often to get a title. It will benefit the shows also. That is a much better way to help them getting enough income to cover the expenses as it will increase the number of entries. Anyway, I think the FCI should reconsider the rules to become Champion and about granting permission to organize double shows.

Best In Show judge on Saturday was Mrs.Monique Van Brempt from Belgium. Her 3rd place went to the little Pomeranian "Dan-Star-Kom Griffin Boy" owned by Julie Vanvaerenbergh-Van Den Brant. The dog was entered in Champion class and is 3 years old. There were a lot of Miniature Spitzes entered for Mr. Ionescu from Romania, 25. Mrs. Kelveri-Philuppou from Cyprus granted him the ticket for the finals. The Reserve BIS went to the Schipperke "Chalovlivaja Igrushka Harrison Ford" , 2 year old Russian import owned by Mc Lachlan Lindsey Joanne from the UK. He also won Best Junior. This was a dog without a tail and because all judges who saw and judged him plus the veterinary in the morning, I assume he was born without a tail as if the tail was cropped, he would have been refused, at least according to the Belgian rules and law. I only wonder how this is proved? Anyway, it is a very nice dog. Mrs. Verstovsek was the judge of the Toypoodles and found 13 in her ring. She made "Yamit Muskat Little Pride of Art of Life " as her BOB. This 5 year old boy was entered in Open Classe and is owned by Kurbatskaya Polina from Russia. Mr. Neofytou from Cyprus agreed with that choice and send him to the finals to represent group IX. And that was how he became finally Best In Show. On Sunday it was Mrs. Kelveri Philipou from Cyprus who had the honor to judge Best In Show. Mr.Pons Arino Angel from Spain offered her the 3rd BIS, a black miniature Schnauzer named," Made in Spain Cooza", a two year old male that was entered for Mr. Raosario Jari Spagna from Italy. He won the group under Mr.Matakovic from Kroatia. Her second place is the BIS winner from Saturday, the Toypoodle. They were judged by Mrs Tijana Konrad from Serbia and she was also his group judge. The Best In Show winner was the Miniature Dachshund "Magic Rainbow Verino Roberto Gold" coming from St.Petersburg with his master Ivanova-Chudinovskaja Victoria. The dog is 4 years and was entered in Champion class that was judged by mr.Victor Lobakin from Azerbaijan, and Mr.Lobakin was the group judge too. Verino won the group on Saturday too but it was a nice surprise to see a Dachshund win Best In Show as too often they are placed behind in the lineup. Next year it will probably again a double show. I can only hope that the competition will not drop more. There are 5 double shows in a small country like Belgium and that is what worries me. I can only hope I am wrong in the end. But single or double show, Liège is still the pearl of Wallonia with plenty to offer now and in the future.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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