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'Mouscron Dog Show 2019'
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news - 26/01/2019
Mouscron Dog Show 2019  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Mouscron 2019: serious backdrop in entries. Where this show used to be well booked in the past, sometimes even overbooked, the number of entries did not meet the usual expectations. 2017 still had 2043 entries and 2018 still 1941, this year only 1511 dogs were entered. Did it have to do with the show of Bordeaux the weekend before in France or the famous strikes and road blockades of the "Gillets Jaunes" or "Yellow Vests Movement" at the border, or the impact of the (too)many double shows, it will be difficult to say. But it was a fact that the number of French entries was considerably lower than usual. Painful if you know that all efforts were done as if there would be 400 to 500 more entries. The number of judges could have been lowered in order to save on expenses. But on the other hand, the 18 judges from 10 different countries that were invited still gave a rather good dogs/judging day rate of 50,2. Many shows don't even come close. Fewer entries had some advantages too. Notwithstanding things went much better lately, it was really easy moving around without giving an empty impression and the usual parking problems were negligible. Another advantage was that the main ring could start well in time. While other years it starts with daylight going over in artificial light, it was still bright enough at every end of the day so that I almost could've left my flash away for the photos. The halls where the show is happening is an old refurbished factory and there is plenty of glass in the roofs, allowing daylight in. It was not very cold outside but inside the heating was blowing dull power and it was very warm, not very eco-friendly actually.

Mouscron is a no-nonsense show, cozy and run by a very nice club team. The number of trade stands is going down lately, but still, those who attend the show have in general a very good turnover. Dogs were entered from 15 different countries, 709 from Belgium, 471 from France, 156 from the Netherlands and 75 from the United Kingdom, better than the 67 entries from Germany. There were even 5 dogs entered from Ireland and one from the USA. On Saturday 6 groups were on turn, leaving 4 big groups for Sunday. In combination with the Best In Show judging the timing of the finals would be almost the same for both days. A very good point is that the number of places of each group was reduced to only 3 and only one dog was placed for BIS, although placing 3 would not have been a problem, an old custom here in Mouscron.

From the 18 judges, 8 were Belgians of which 6 were only judging one day. The rest were invited from 10 different countries over Europe. It was an overall normal dog show, no outstanding numbers of entries for certain judges. Mr.Rafibor Cekic from Serbia had 31 Rhodesian Ridgebacks in his ring and that high number helped him to have a nice result of 74 entries. On Sunday it was the 25 English Cocker Spaniels who did it, he ended up with 72 entries, good for the second-best overall score of the weekend. Mr.Panos Demetriou from Cyprus ended up as the best scoring judge of the weekend. On Saturday he had 35 Bulldogs and on Sunday, 28 Chinese Cresteds, 22 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and 19 Chihuahuas. Mrs. Satu Ila Mononen from Finland thanked her total of 66 dogs mainly to the 23 Newfoundlanders and the 26 Bernese Mountain Dogs. Mr. Jean-Louis Escoffier from France judged all the poodle varieties, 65 were entered. Mrs.Gonzalbo -Lorenzo from Spain had 67 dogs to judge on Sunday, 8 Flat Coated Retrievers, 23 Labradors, and 36 Goldens. Mrs. Hania Krejcova from Itlay had the French Bulldogs, good for 25 specimens and she had 68 entries in total. The highest score on Sunday and of the whole weekend went to Mr. Peter Harsanyi from Hungary. 18 Bearded Collies and 20 Shelties and a big part of the Group I breeds resulted in 93 dogs for him to judge on Sunday.

Our regular speaker on shows is Mr.Jos De Cuyper. Besides that, he is also a good judge, allowed to judge many groups and breeds. After examining all the group winners he was expected to pick out only one. It was the Irish Red Setter "Paris Match Thendara3, owned by LAUWERS, MILLIGAN-BOTT,BOTT Aleksandra Willem Dee Jeremy and living in Belgium. The dog had not much competition when he was judged by Mr. Peter Harsanyi. But this judged was so pleased with him that, when he later judged the group, he picked him as his best. Paris Match is already 6 years and a Champion.

We have to be confident and hope that next year there will be a raise again, no strikes, less double shows, and hopefully no nearby shows.

Text, photos and results: Karl DONVIL

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