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'Genk LKV Show '
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news - 12/01/2019
Genk LKV Show   -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
GENK 2019. LKV show I was very happy when I saw the number of entries, 1880 or only 109 less than in 2017 and almost 300 more than last year. This is progress that made me feel good. Especially because it was one of the top single shows. And look, this is proof that a good single show can have a lot more entries than a day of all double shows! It proofs that people like competition and a good show. And the risk of bad weather in mid-winter does not stop them. Fortunately, that was not the case. Dogs were entered from no less than 19 different countries with 946 Belgian dogs, 351 from Germany, 347 from the Netherlands and 132 from France plus 60 dogs from overseas, the UK. Dogs were even entered from Turkey and Romania, Ukraine and Russia. The LKV (Limburgse Kynologen Vereniging) combines this show with the Champion of Champion Show every two years alternating with the show of Liège where it is called the Masters Trophy. A panel of 3 judges judged the 29 participating dogs, all champions, and in a knock-out competition one final winner is chosen, the Champion of Champions. This gala show is concluded with a gala dinner and a party that was well attended and enjoyed. But this special side-show is not the main goal, the normal show is most important and Mrs. Viviane De Cuyper-Boesmans was very pleased with the result and her panel of judges proved to be a very good investment. She invited 18 judges from 10 different countries and the Best In Show judge came from as far as from Argentina, Mrs.Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina. She loves singing and she treated the audience twice to a performance of "Don't Cry for me Argentina", which proves her to be a real patriot. The 2018 edition of this show had Mr.Miguel Martinez, president of the Argentinian Kennel Club, as Best in Show judge. Will this become a tradition in Genk, inviting judges from Argentina?

The catalog had all the details, but I missed some logic? The breeds were not placed in a logical order, not easy to find a breed as they seem to have been classified under their judge. I don't see the point of this as the ring stewards no longer work with a catalog but with a tablet. The dogs/judging-day rate was very healthy with 58,75 and this core should, in fact, be a little higher if we take the Gala show into account. Only 4 judges were judging one day only, 3 of them from Belgium. From Finland, we had Mrs. Kaisa Metteri-Gold had 81 entries on Saturday, popular breeds like the 48 Chihuahuas and 33 Chinese Cresteds included. Sunday was also good. She then had 71 dogs to judge. Mr.Rade Vesic from was judging the Spitz breeds on Saturday and that gave him also a good score of 74 entries. 41 Australian Shepherds and some other breeds did the same for Mr.Shaun Watson from Cyprus, an end result of 71. 86 Entries on Saturday and the same on Sunday made Mr. Tamas Jackel the overall best scoring judge. He had 23 Tibetans Terriers on Saturday and 66 Golden Retrievers on Sunday. Mr.Jean-Jaques Dupas was another record holder. 107 dogs were waiting for him on Saturday and along with his 66 dogs of Sunday, he was the second-best scoring judge of the weekend. Worth mentioning was Mrs. Anca Giura from Romania. On Saturday she had no less than 68 Rhodesian Ridgebacks to judge and on Sunday she judges all the Dachshunds, also 68 in total, a remarkable score.

As said Mrs.Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina was asked to judge Best In Show, but not before giving her performance of "Don't Cry for me Argentina", the full version. Under warm applause, she started her judging. She was asked to place every group winner, ...again. I will limit it to only the 3 best dogs of the show. Her 3rd place went to "Perfect as Usual of the Bumble Barns", the Bulldog that belongs to Joos Monique. This 3-year-old male was entered in Champion Class and beat 20 competitors. Mrs. Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina was the breed judge and the group judge was Mr.Shaun Watson from Cyprus. Mr. Jean-François Vanaken, one of Belgium's popular judges, won ResBIS with his Kaninchen Teckel "Prisme des Supers Supers. As said Mrs.Giura was his judge. This 3-year-old own-bred little boy was entered in Open Class Kaninchen Dachshunds. But it was Junia Nad from Germany who could take the big BIS trophy back home. Her medium sized black Poodle "Nice Steps for me Only" was a choice of Mr. Dupas and was entered in Champion class. He, it's a dog, is 3 years old now. It was Mr. Jakkel who gave him the ticket for the finals and showed him the way to Best In Show.

Let us hope that this show can grow more and can stand against all double shows growing more getting higher scores year after year. Book this one if you are after strong competition and worthy titles.

Article and photos by Karl DONVIL

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