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'Kortrijk 2018'
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news - 17/11/2018
Kortrijk 2018  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Kortrijk EURODOGSHOW , de British show on the continent. This was a double show, like so many others nowadays, but Kortrijk had a valid excuse, the famous German show of Dortmund has changed its date, exactly on the very same date as Kortrijk, imagine! Dortmund lost entries, usually around and over 6000, now "only" 4654. And Kortrijk?... Kortrijk had 4236 and that is more than last year, the best result in several years but still far from the 6225 record of its Jubileum show in 2013, which was also a double show, very exceptional at that time, common now. Saturday had 2098 entries, Sunday slightly more, 2138 or 4236 entries in total and that is not bad at all. 27 Different nationalities were present. Kortrijk always focuses on the United Kingdom. A big boost came years ago when, with the help and PR work of Jackie Hurley, with special focus on Junior Handling, and the extended coverage of the show in Our Dogs, that many British started crossing the channel to participate at the yearly famous Eurodogshow. This year there were more exhibitors from England than from the Netherlands, 247 to 201! And let's not forget the 14 participants from Ireland. The Kortrijk Eurodogshow usually goes along with several other shows. Since a couple of years and this year again, the visitors could also have a look at the National Catshow organized by Felis Belgica and in the new XXL hall the famous Interra show took place on Saturday. That was the reason why the Terriers were judged for BIG in the main ring right before the BIS judging. The Sunday show was a Benelux winner show and that might explain the slightly higher total entry.

The Eurodogshow is also known as a trendsetter and this year was not different. The show catalog could be ordered online along with the entry fee. If you did not need one, you could consult it online. So far nothing new, but for the visitors, who are only interested in the time schedule, layout of rings rings etc and not in all the details of all the breeds, were no longer forced to buy an expensive catalog, but received a free leaflet with the time schedules, breed overviews and all the general and useful info, paid in general with the advertisements inside. It saves a lot in waist paper and is good for the environment. BRAVO!! In this catalog we could still find the full addresses of the exhibitors. If it is or is not in violation with the new European privacy rules is not very clear. If subscribers declare to have no objection when subscribing their dogs, it probably is not a violation. Anyway, it is a public manifestation where people exhibit something like traders exhibit things to buy and without full contact details it is not useful. But it is something that is wandering in the grey zone.

Dortmund was the reason why many regular stand holders were forced to make a choice between Kortrijk and Dortmund. But the trade stand holders that chose for Kortrijk were not unhappy for the simple reason that they did had to share the cake with fewer others. Kortrijk is one of the shows that appreciates its trade stand holders a lot. It was the 3rd year that they were invited at a small reception, offered by the show committee. There was a Facebook photo contest in order to attract a lot of visitors and the response was overwhelming according to President Joel Vanlerberghe. As usual the Kortrijk EURODOGSHOW is always one that attracts many visitors, usually around 20.000. The stairs in the main ring was well filled both evenings and the public tended to stay until the end. The visitors are treated well on this show, not only the many trade stands are interesting but there are many demonstrations like dogdancing, guide dogs for the disabled and the blinds, flyball competition, obedience and a demonstration guarding & defense, things that are always well attended and appreciated. The young generation can enjoy themselves on the bouncy castles and horse and the restaurant is completely new and looked very cozy.

The main ring was well organized as usual with large stairs for the visitors and a lot of nice tables for the judges along the 3 other sides. Royal Canin was the main sponsor and had a nice, big stand opposite the stairs. The main ring was large enough to hold all the groups at once, but it all looked somewhat chaotic when the judges asked the selected dogs to run. Instead of following a fixed route, indicated by a ringsteward, they were allowed to do as they liked. That resulted in several different ways, criss-crossing the ring, often hindered by the fixed podium in the centre of the ring. Time to think about a ring steward, the boss in the ring, who indicates and guides the judge so that everything runs smoothly and in a consistent way.

57 Judges were invited from 18 different countries. 15 Of them were recruited from the Belgian pool, 12 were coming from the UK and another 4 from Ireland. Clear that this was a gesture towards the many British entries. No less than 27 judges were only judging one day, in general for relatively few entries and that is why the dogs/judging day rate was rather low with 48,6. This means that every judge had averagely 48,6 dogs to judge. Is that sufficient to cover all their expenses? La Louvière had a score of 63 and Leuven 66.6. Judges that are officiating one day only are even less economical and in fact there should be a downward correcting factor. Clear, if you invite a judge that can do his job on both days compare to one that works only one day, there is a big difference.

But what worried me more was the fact that at least 4 judges were judging the same breeds on both days??? Was this a mistake in the catalog? Mr.Jarman from South Africa was one. He judges the Rhodesian Ridgebacks on both days. Judge Pentenero had the Akitas both days, judges Calloch the Deutsche Pinshers and Mrs. Shenashenko from Russia judged the English Toy Terriers and the Yorkshire Terriers on Saturday in the Interra Show and once more in the Benelux Winner on Sunday. Weird!

7Judges had more than 70 entries. Mr.Deschuymere from Belgium had 72, judge Parent from France had 92, judge Jarman had 86, judge Grenville from the UK had 75 (incl. 42 Aussies) and Mr.Vanhoenacker from Belgium had 84. The second best day score on Saturday was for Mr.Frank Kane who had 107 dogs in his ring. Along with is 55 entries of Sunday he was the most successful judge of the weekend. Best scoring judge on Saturday was judge Cannon from Ireland with 113 dogs in his ring, the highest dayscore of the weekend. On Sunday only five judges had more than 70 entries. Those were judge Colloch from France with 72, judge Shenashenko from Russia with 82 and judge Schwartz from Germany with 77. The two others were Belgian judges, each with 101 entries, Mr Theo Leenen and Mr.Jean-Pierre Achtergael.

Best in Show judges were Belgian all-rounders. On Saturday was Mr. Deschuymere Norman was on term. He picked out the Afgan hound "Shaira Bint Benazir Von Hausmann" and send her to the Her breed judge was judge Kerpan from Slovenia. She was entered in Champion Class, is 5 years old and lives with Heilmann Erica from Germany. 22 Afgans were in competition and the Group judge was Mr.Vladimir Vukosavljevic . The Reserve BIS winner was the Mastino Napoletano "Quint Casa Di Fiducia" owned by Aesseloos-Vander Motten from Belgium. Mr. Vanhoenacker judged the 5 in competition and chose this 17 months old male to go to the groups, judged by Mrs.Myriam Vermeire. He won the group also on Sunday. His Best in Show winner was another Belgian dog and breed, the Papillon "Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers" , entered in Champion Class for judge Inglis from the UK. 8 Were entered. Kathleen Roosens is breeder and owner. Mrs.Dianne Degryze judged the Group later in the afternoon.

Mrs. Liliane De Ridder-Onghena was the Sunday BIS judge and she picked the Italian Greyhound "Rosamaria Dei Raggi Di Luna" for her 3rd podium. This 3 year old bitch belongs to Dams-Reynaerts and was entered along with 3 others for judge Vermeire. The Sighthound group that she won was judged by Mr.Tom Hehir from Ireland. Reserve BIS was for the Kaninchen Dachshund wire haired "Othello Von Sunderhaar". Othello was entered in the Working group for judge Theo Leenen and won later the group under judge Robert Osterwalder from Switzerland. He is also 3 years old and living in Germany with Beike Gunther.

In 2013 Kortrijk held its 50th anniversary, a double show and just like on this show it were Mr. Deschuymere on Saturday and Mrs. De Ridder-Onghena on Sunday who judged BIS. They chose both the same dog, a British Bullmastiff. This edition, both judges were invited again for BIS and believe it or not, again they chose the very same dog as the ultimate winner., the Papillon. No need to repeat all his details. Pure coincidence? Probably, but for Katleen Roosens and Planet Waves it was a most fantastic weekend, worth staying in Belgium instead of going to Dortmund.

Next year we will have again several double shows in Belgium, but not for Kortrijk. Enter as many dogs as you can, just to prove that single dog shows have a future and double shows form a serious threat for the future of dog shows. Let us hope that they will have a minimum of 3000 entries and hopefully as much as this year.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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