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'Lovanium Trofee 2018'
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news - 27/10/2018
Lovanium Trofee 2018  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
Lovanium trofee 2018 Is it as a consequence of the (too) many double CACIB shows or just coincidence? Fact is that from 1772 entries in 2016 the number dropped to 1639 in 2017 and 1533 this year. The Lovanium trofee is a splendid show, a to-the-point shows without glitter and glamour. There is no main ring with presentations, but there are several trade stands and place enough to sit down easy and follow the show. There is plenty of parking and the halls are at 1km down the exit Haasrode on the highway E40 between Brussels and Liège, so easy accessible! Many people like to come to Leuven and there are always plenty of minor puppies and puppies, setting their first steps on the showground. And the organization adheres to its habit to offer prizes in kind to the winners, something that is much appreciated. You have no idea how often you hear "is that for me too? Oh, how nice is that!". There are not many shows that still have a junior handling competition, but over here it is. In fact it is a handling competition, open for all ages. On Saturday 6 groups were on term with a total entry of 703 dogs, Sunday had the rest of them in the 4 remaining groups, 830 dogs in total. As onlinedogshows, is not publishing statistics I had to count manually to find out where the exhibitors came from. As usual Belgium is best represented, and the neighboring countries like France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are not taken into account as they are always well represented. But further on there was a delegation of 22 dogs from the UK, 3 from Sweden and from Switzerland, and for the rest one or two dogs from European countries further away. The total amount of nationalities was no less than 17, a very international representation indeed!

The weekend of the show was the start of the autumn holidays and that resulted in a good number of visitors, but the workers of Aviapartner, one of the main ground handling companies at Brussels Airport decided to have a strike, for them a very strategic date, for Lovanium, as well as for many travelers, a real nightmare. Fortunately most judges were not affected. Mr Shogol, however, who came from Georgia, had to make several connections in order to finally arrive and so he managed. All invited judges were present, 12 in total, representing 7 countries. Leuven has always a very high dogs/judging day rate, this year again 66,6 which is very ideal. In case you have a judge that judges two days and attracts 133 dogs, his expenses are probably well covered by the entry fee. On Saturday we had 3 jedges with over 75 entries. Mr.Wim Wellens had 81. On Sunday he had 35 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 36 Chihuahuas plus some extra breeds. His weekend was nicely filled as he had the 3rd best score with a total of 164 dogs. Mr.Schogol had 78 entries on Saturday and 70 on Sunday when he judged 30 Bulldogs and 20 Bullmastiffs among others. Best scoring judge on Saturday was Mr.Francesco Cochetti with 106 entries, 24 of them were Samoyeds, a breed that rises in popularity. With 59 extra dogs on Sunday he ended with the second best weekend score of 165. Mr.Carsten Birk had an easy day on Saturday , but Sunday was good for 78 entries. Mrs. Leen Van Genechten from Belgium, was the only judge who judged one day only, but judging some very popular breeds, doing the Retrievers, she ended with 85 entries.Mr.Cristian Stephanescu from Romania had also an easy Saturday, but on Sunday, on the contrary, he had to finish in time after 109 entries, including 40 Chinese Cresteds and 369 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Top judge of the weekend was without any doubt Mrs. Janelle W.Robins from the United Kingdom. On Saturday she welcomed 27 Australian Shepherds and several other breeds, good for 71 dogs. On Sunday he had the second best day score with 96 dogs and amongst them we could find 27 Dalmatians, 25 Boxers and 36 Great Danes, 3 breeds that are growing again in popularity. But not only had she a very good score as best scoring judge of the weekend, she was also the Best of Breed judge. And here we find her score. Also here 4 dogs were placed for the groups - I still don't know where this habit ever came from - and she was asked to place all 10. Once more, I keep on hammering on this, why place all 10? Keep it simple from start to end, place only 3! Nobody want to have a number 10 to 4 in front of his groupwinner that had a few times a number 1 in front earlier in the same show. Her number 3 was for the English Pointer 'Hipoint Semper Sursum". This beautifull male was entered in Champion class and won from 4 entries. It was Mr.Stefanescu who judged the breed. Mr.Wim Wellens was the one who send him to the finals. He was born in the kennel of Joseph and Renata Mirto from Belgium, 4 years ago, but moved to live with Christ De Coninck, while not changing nationality. The second place was taken by Dalmatian "Red Hot Chili Pepper of The Living Spots" . It was a bitch who won this, also entered in Champion Class, beating 26 competitors in the ring under Mrs. Robins before she was lined up before Mrs.Van Genechten who picked her out as Best of Group. Red Hot was bred in 2015 by Uta Stolper from Germany who still owns her together with Laetitia Stark. The winning dog was a nice surprise, an unusual winner, the winner of the Dachshund group. The winner of the Standard shorthairs was "Kurt Kentwood Excellmagic". This male was entered in Champion Class too and won it from 8 concurrents. His breed and group was judged by Mrs. Roxana Opris. The winners of the Dachshunds are usually placed somewhere at the end of the line, but Mrs. Robbins had the courage to see the real qualities of a dog, belonging to a breed with anomalies and being shorthaired, thus unable to camouflage any faults and placed him on the highest place. Kurt was imported from Russia and is living with Heidi Droogmans from Belgium. He is 2 years now and has still a long career in front of him. I'm always happy if a Dachshund end up high or wins as in that case he is without any doubt a very, very good dog.

Next year is a jubilee year , the 30th editions! That will happen on 26 and 27 October. Next year the Belgian Kennel Club has promised to bring down the number of double shows, so there is good hope that this 30th edition will have a significant raise in entries.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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