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'Genk LKV 2018'
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news - 30/06/2018
Genk LKV 2018  -  Belgium

dogs breeders dog pictures by Karl Donvil
GENK LKV Show 2018 Again a single CACIB show, the LKV show of Genk. The previous edition was in full winter and a CAC show only. That show had an entry of 2005. This one had "only" 1613 entries. It is still very good. It is always hard to tell what the reason might be for this drop down, but there is no reason to panic. Sometimes it depends on the choice of the judges but I think the major reason might be the double shows.

I keep on repeating that they kill the Dog Show sport as exhibitors are getting much easier to win the necessary titles. But I prefer this way, a single show, as that brings more competition in the rings and the wins give greater satisfaction and even if you don't win it is always if you can say that you lost due to strong concurrence that having to admit to have won as there were no others in the ring. Another reason could be that a lot of people leave on their holiday. Who will tell?

The weather was very warm that weekend and we all crossed our fingers that there would be no stupid exhibitors or visitors leaving dogs unattended in closed cars. Fortunately there was not a single incident. People were warned via the intercom and posters at the entrance for the danger of leaving dogs in cards and there was always a possibility for the visitors to leave their dogs in a cage in the halls for free. Inside the halls the temperature was pretty OK and everybody seemed to be very relax. For a show of this size there were many trade stands for shopping. There should only be a little more discipline from the side of the exhibitors with regard to space for walking around. Too often they settle in the morning with a territorial behavior like animals, taking all the space they can fence for themselves and not worrying about the others or leaving enough space for the visitors or for security reasons. They arrange their own picnic place and often make it a real mess by the end. I want to stress that this concern only a few.

In the catalog we find no addresses of the participants, only the names, country and numbers of their dogs. And there is no statistic information inside or on the website with regard to participants and their nationalities. A quick look in the list, however, learns that there were over 20 entries from the UK , and I saw one or two times countries like Finland, Romania, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and Belarus. Not bad! I could count 21 different judges from 10 different nationalities. 9 from Belgium, 4 from Spain, 2 from Croatia and one from the Netherlands, , Bulgaria, Denmakr, San Marino, Macedonia and even one from Argentina and one from the USA. The dogs/judging day score could be better with only 42. 50 Should be the minimum goal, but of course the expenses for the Belgian and even the Dutch judges are relatively less, but this score says something about the popularity of the judges and the skill of assembling a striking judges panel.

On Saturday we had the FCI groups I, V, VI, IX and X. Mr.Gerard Jipping from the Netherlands had 66 entries including 23 Swiss White Shepherd dogs. Jose Vidal Montero had 72 entries and that included a nice score of 36 Chihuahuas. Best scoring judge of the day was Mrs.Mijatovic from Croatia with 78 dogs in her ring, 28 on of them Shih Tzus. On Sunday Mr.Miguel Angel Martinez had the second best score with 75 dogs, amongst them 34 English Bulldogs. Mr. Jose Vidal Montero had again a good score, this time the best of the day and the weekend with 84 dogs, the Flat Coated, Golden and Labrador Retrievers. Further remarkable breed scores were the entries for Mrs.Judy Harrington from the States. 41 Aussies turned up for her judgment and 24 Leonbergers. Mr.Torsten Lemmer from Bulgaria had 35 Boxers to judge on Sunday, another proof that the Boxer is gaining again in popularity and Mr.Carsten Birk from Denmark found 24 Cairn Terriers in his ring on Sunday. A sign that this breed is on term now to become very popular?

Mr.Miguel Angel Martinez is a famous and popular judge and as a member of the board of the FCI he needs to come over from time to time to Belgium where the FCI has its seat. This offers a good opportunity to combine it with a show and judge there like it was the case now. In the finals of all the groups etc, each time 4 dogs were placed. But for the Best In Show all groupwinners had to be placed. I keep on repeating, WHY? Place only 3 dogs and make all others ex-eaquo 4th place, easier for the judge and more fair towards the groupwinners . The 3rd BIS went to the German Short-haired Pointing dog "Du Clos De Reve D'or Olix" who's master Stijn Proost from Belgium entered him in the Working Class, judged by Mr.Jos De Cuyper, who also judged his Group. Olix is a 3 year old male. Reserve Best In Show went to the winner of the Bernese Mountain Dogs. There was some competition in the breed with 14 entries. Owner Marieke Wolder from the Netherlands was happy to see her dog "Devael Loud 'n Proud VDW" win BOB under judge Malo Alcrudo from Spain. He send this 4 year old male, entered in Champion class, to the main ring where Mr. Enrico Drudi from San Marino was in charge and gave him the ticket for the finals. The Toy Poodle "Christmas Spirit Superior World" was the ultimate choice of Mr.Martinez. This little black poodle was entered in Open Class males and won it from 10 other competitors. Judge was Mr.Jean-François Vanaken from Belgium. His Group judge was Mr.Vidal Montero Jose from Spain. It is always nice to have good competition in most breeds and the only guarantee on long term is to ban double shows. I hope that they don't affect shows like this in the end. With some luck next edition will result again in a gain in entries! If you like good competition, keep that in mind and enter next year for this show.

Text and photos: Karl DONVIL

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