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'Gent 2018 Double Show'
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nouvelles - 17/02/2018
Gent 2018 Double Show  -  Belgique

chien éleveurs chiens photos par Karl Donvil
Gent 2018, from one show every two years to a double show now! The last show in Gent was in 2016 and till then it used to be a two year show for as long as I can remember . This year things changed. Gent was offered the possibility to have a double CACIB show and will from now on have a show every year and the time for the show will probably move to may as it otherwise it will interfere with Gent's boatshow like this year. This year there was also a classic car show in another hall. Indeed the halls of Flanders Expo are huge and for the dogshow, the main hall was enough, leaving lots of space to walk around the spacious rings, a real luxury! The Flanders Dog Show is also well known in the area and attracts a good number of visitors. On the other hand, notwithstanding the spacious halls, there were no demonstrations or other competitions. The 4 rings near the entrance were transformed into a big main ring and the podium was set nicely in between the two stairs to the upper floor and facing the judges tables and stairs for the public. The timing was very good on both days and the BIS was over by 18.00h and even 17.30h on Sunday, but it surprised me that there were hardly any spectators left, while it is a fair hour. Maybe it should have been announced that the finals would be around 18.00h as people expect it maybe lasting much longer. I still want to emphasize that the visitors have a right for more information. We forget that they have no idea how a show works. Give them a free small leaflet with info about the show and a time schedule on the back. They don't need to have a full catalog with all those details, names, breeds, rings etc. They only need some general information about showing, a floor map and a time schedule for the main ring. The Belgian Kennel Club could make this and provide it to the member clubs so that it could be copy-pasted into the small visitors catalog. For only one or two Euros it could be sold to the visitors and that would be much more informative than a full exhibitors catalog. It would meet one of the very first goals of the Kennel Clubs ; inform the people about keeping and breeding pure bred dogs and dogs in general, the shows, sports and other activities!

1504 Dogs were entered on Saturday, 1470 on Sunday. A big part were entered on both shows, especially the foreign dogs. For those breeders a double show is economically interesting and in general financially it is good for the organizer too. But the fact that it becomes easier to win the necessary titles for foreign dogs to become Belgian or International Champion it takes away the interest from the single CACIB shows. And in the end I'm afraid that it will result in lesser numbers of entries in general. The faster you can get your titles the lesser you need to enter your dog. If one need two more CACIB's and you can win them on one single weekend on a double show, you don't need to enter for the next shows and they will suffer in the first place. The last show Gent had 1966 entries, now they have almost 3000 dogs for the two shows. But it is most fair to look at the shows individually and that means that they lost nearly 25% of the entries. The number of Belgian entries dropped from 1105 to 750, the Germans from 143 to 115, the Dutch from 336 to 234, the French from 279 to 230. The British were the only ones with an significant increase from 82 to 95. There were more countries present, 19 on Saturday 18 on Sunday (I compared last show to the show of Saturday). What can we conclude about this? It is interesting for foreign exhibitors to come over for two possible titles. And there is less competition from neighboring countries and locals as with 4 double shows/year one can become Champion more easy and faster. And I had also a look at several breeds that are popular in general, not just in this moment. Here are figures from 2016 compared to the Saturday entries: Alaskan Malamutes: 13 to 2, Siberian Husky: 15 to 7, Samojeed from 14 to 11, Akita from 18 to 7, American Akita from 16 to 9, Irish Setter from 18 to 7, French Bulldog from 40 to 27, American Cocker from 24 to 9, Sheltie from 27 to 14, West Highland White Terrier from 23 to 8, Yorkshire Terrier from 18 to 9, American Staffordshire Terrier from 26 to 13, Staffordshire Bull Terrier from 25 to 17, Chihuahua from 37 to 29, Pug from 34 to 14. Of course there were several breeds that won in interest too, but I think those breeds are more or less popular all the time and a good indication of a general tendency. That is why I repeat; what is better, a first place from two entries or a third place from 20 entries? Before we know we devaluate our titles! Wouldn't it be better if we could value are titles higher and attract thus more exhibitors? Giving them a double counting CACIB why not a CACIB in every class with minimum 20 entries, making it a little easier for popular breeds with big entries to become champion. That could raise the number of entries too for shows and value the titles due to bigger entries and stronger competition and it could be a good reason to invite more specialist judges instead of all-rounders that are needed more due to the double shows. There are not so much of them and many of them come from countries where all-roundership is much easier to achieve! We must pay attention not to devaluate our shows!

With a dogs/judging day score of 71,6 for Saturday and 70 for Sunday, Gent is scoring super high, equaling Luxembourg! The committee invited 21 judges and all of them were judging both days. Mr.Monique Van Brempt was absent for health reasons. In total 8 judges were from Belgium and the others represented 9 different nationalities. On Saturday Mr.Dupas had a good score with 78, he had 29 Belgian Shepherds which is a relatively high. 5 Judges had scores higher than 80. Jean Lawless from Ireland had 83, Günther Ehrenreich from Austria had 84, including 34 English Bulldogs, Piet Roosenboom from Belgium had 85. Mrs.Pam Blay from England had the best score of Saturday with no less than 128 entries. 43 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 41 English Cocker Spaniels and 43 Labradors were responsible for this marvelous score. On Sunday she had other breeds but again good for 96 entries. this time she had 21 Aussies and 37 Golden Retrievers to help her reach this result. Mrs.Melchior From Luxembourg was one of the 8 judges with a score of 80 or higher. She had 80, Mr. Dirk Spruyt from Belgium had 83 as had Mrs. Anette Bystrup from Denmark.Mrs. Liliane De Ridder from Belgium had a good number of Bernese Mountain dogs (36), and that added to the good score of 86 entries. Mr.Ehrenreich was successful again with 89 entries. With a score of 108 Mr.Jef Verrees from Belgium proved to be hit. He had 41 Labradors who all came for his keen knowledge of the breed as he is himself a successful Labrador breeder. The top scoring judge of Sunday and of the weekend was Mrs. Doris Getzinger. She 127 entries on Saturday, one less than Mrs.Blay, and 111 entries on Sunday, an amazing result!

Mr/Markku Mähönen from Finland was asked to judge the Best In Show on Saturday. His 3rd place went ot the Samojed "Smiling Snowball Russian Emperor At Samoravich" proudly owned by Craig Charlotte from the UK. 11 Were entered for Mr.Miklos from Hungary. Mrs. Bystrup gave the permission to compete for BIS. The second place went to the Weimaraner "Grey Classic's Make Mine A Double" from Edwin Lenaerts from Bulgaria. He had 13 competitors in the ring of Mr.Verrees. Mr.Mahonen Chose him too when judging the group. Winning dog was the American Staffordshire Terrier "Carmichael's Liar Liar Pants On Fire" . Mrs.Marja Salminen was his judge when he was competing with 12 others. This bitch was entered in Champion Class by Olaf Verhorevoet who bred her and owns her along with Benny Cheek. She lives in the Netherlands. Last year this bitch was 3 times Best In Show. She's 3 years now! On Sunday Mrs.Liliane De Ridder from Belgium was on term to judge Best In Show. Her 3rd place went to the Border Collie "Bright Spirits Delling of Dawn". 34 Were entered for Mr.Freddy Declercq who made this 3 year old male his Best of Breed. This dog is from the Netherlands and is bred Linda Goudbeek and co-owned by herself and Van T Ende. Mrs.Myriam Vermeire was responsibel for sending her to compete for Best In Show. A nice tall Fawn Great Dane came from as far as Norway to be judged by Mrs.Jean Lawless who found "Djurhedens Bentley Af Lise " as two year old male is called in her ring in Open class to compete and win from 10 other specimen of the breed and color. He received his Group winners cup from Mr.Piet Roosenboom from Belgium. And who won the Best In Show this time? Yes, believe it or not, the very same dog as Saturday. Liar Liar was entered this time for Mrs.Marja Salminen from Finland along with 16 others. Mrs.Liliane De Ridder was also the judge for Group III in the main ring. Liar Liar writes history for sure, being one of the most crowned Amstaffs in the Benelux and double BIS winner on one weekend. In 2013 Kortrijk was granted also a double show for it's Jubileum show. Here too it was Mrs.Liliane De Ridder who judged BIS on Sunday and gave the BIS trophy of Sunday to the BIS of Saturday! Weird is the least you can say! Of those 5 dogs 4 were entered on both days. I saw a lot of Saturday podium places come back on Sunday. A good thing was that only 3 dogs were placed in the groups. Unfortunately all dogs had to be placed for the BIS, maybe that will change soon too! Let's keep to 3! Next year a few months later and probably another double CACIB. In 2013 Kortrijk had 3000 dogs every day, let us hope at least that the double shows will have more dogs and not turn down. Gent was a good show and I welcome the fact that it will become a yearly show. However I'm in general very reserved towards double CACIB shows and prefer thinking of special rewards in case of high entries. But maybe the future will prove me wrong. See you next year then!

Text and photos: Karl Donvil

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