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'Ambiorix trofee Genk 2017'
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nouvelles - 24/06/2017
Ambiorix trofee Genk 2017  -  Belgique

chien éleveurs chiens photos par Karl Donvil
Ambiorix Trofee 2017, CACIB Show. Still pretty far away from it's record entry of 1960 dogs in 2015, this show had a nice entry of 1738. Last year was a CAC version with only 1465 entries, which is normal. This show alternates its CACIB version with the LKV show that is held in the same halls. Why the LKV show of this year had a fabulous record of 2005 entries , notwithstanding it was a CAC version, is a mystery. Maybe because it was the first show of the year? Maybe because this show is at the end of School and many children were still having exams? Maybe because some were now focusing on the holydays? Hard to tell! Anyway, 1738 entries is far from bad, on the contrary! Dogs were entered from 15 different countries, including one from USA, Russia, Spain and Serbia, but there were also 44 that crossed the channel from the UK and even 4 coming from Ireland, and although not that far away, it is not that easy to get here. The catalog was very good an informative with all we and outsiders need to know. On the first page was a note in 4 languages the wellbeing of the dogs during the show. I like that as any serious violation can but our beloved hobby in a bad spotlight. Fortunately the weather was perfect and never too hot and there were no incidents to report.

It was good walking around in the halls thanks to the central entrance hall that is used too for judging. The setup of the show is very similar to the LKV show and vice-versa. Here 4 dogs were placed each time. Why a 4th place? I don't see the point, but we see it only on our dog shows. And again we have all dogs being placed for the finals. Read my report on Lommel why this should be banned forever! Another point, and that applies for almost all the shows in Belgium, is the fact that just anybody can take pictures of the winning dogs. It gives not only a very unprofessional look but if makes the work of the professionals very difficult because it is hard to get the dogs, handlers and judges attention. On my pictures I often see the handler looking opposite of the judge while the dog is looking in an extra direction. A lot of people just drop in front with mobile phones and tablets and they want to be as close as possible to their subject. There should be a ring steward to keep everybody out and prevent those chaotic situations. It will result in a more professional look and facilitate the job of the pro's. It's not a problem if only one or two will come in, but before you know everybody thinks they can just enter and make their own private photo-reportage.

20 Judges were officiating, 9 only one day and 10 were from Belgium while the rest represented 7 flags. The dogs/judging-days rate was within the limits with an average score of 56. On Saturday there were only 762 dogs to be judged. Mr.Deschuymere from Belgium had one of the best score, but it was Mr.Curcic from Belarus who had the best score of Saturday with 92 dogs. He had 35 Border Collies and that must have helped. Mr.A.A.Stafford came from teh UK only to judge the 42 Shelties, the best scoring breed of the day. On Sunday it was somewhat different with almost 300 dogs more to judge. Petru Muntean from Romania had the highest score this time, he judged several different breeds as an allrounder. He had 161 in total over the weekend, but he also was beaten by Mr.Curcic as he had 83 entries, all group 5 breeds, and finished with 175 dogs in total over the weekend. More judged had over 65 breeds. Mr Verrees from Belgium judged all the Dachshunds, 66. On Saturday he had 63 dogs , included 32 Labraodrs and 26 Cockers. Mr.Van Den Bosh judged on Sunday only and had 67 dogs, 15, Boxers and 52 Great Danes. Mr.J.De Cuyper had 81 dogs, judging on Sunday only too, the same number as Mr.Lokodi Csaba Zsolt who had 65 dogs on Saturday, including 30 Staffordshires, and resulting in a good weekend score of 146 dogs. Mr.Piotr Krol, who is an always-present-judge over here had the Chihuahuas, 35, and the Chinese Cresteds, 37. Mr.Van Raamsdonck was also high scoring with 87, of which 37 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. And Mr.Ruth Wagner from Luxembourg had also 128 dogs over the weekend and 80 of them on Sunday.

Mr.Petru Muntean was asked to judge the BIS. His choice was the Pug "Pure and Easy of Prelude" owned by Wilryck Yves. It was Mr.Van Raamsdonck's choice when judging the breed. Mr. Norman Deschuymere was the BIS judge. He had to place all dogs and that is not easy as they are all winners of their groups. His 3rd place went to Beardie Connections Kenji owned Otto Rinus. His masters seem never to get enough of winning with him, while he won everything already. See more of his BIS wins in my previous articles. Second place and runner up to BIS was for the Yorkshire Terrier "Hunderwood Heaven-Sent", a 4 year old male champion entered for Mr.Lokodi Csaba Zsolt who also judged the Terrier group. 12 Were entered, 4 of them of the Hunderwood Kennel. It was the Saluki "Amal Hayati Orayah Za'nyah Al Sahra", bred and owned by Mr.Elen Sven. This female is 2 years old and was entered in Open Class. There were 6 in total and the breed judge was Mr.Deschuymere himself, while the Group was judged by Mr.Kroll. As Sven is a club member and uses BRIT/Carnilove petfood, the Sponsor of this show, the whole club was fond of joy. Maybe not only for this but also for the fact that another edition was finished in good order. Next year it will be the 20th edition on 3&4 of March and let us hope that, notwithstanding that it will be a CAC edition, they will at least reach the same number of entries.

Text, results and photos: Karl DONVIL

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